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Dogs pension
Cats pension

Pension houses for cats and dogs

Our company provides you, throughout the year and regardless of the weather, with 5 pension houses and 4 appartments equipped at the highest standard, as well as a fully equipped training premise.

Within these pension houses, you dog is ensured the following services:
- daily walks and brushing; - pension training; - single or double paddocks; - heated paddocks; - clean paddocks with grit stone; - activities on the specially designed playground; - open paddocks (in summer), closed paddocks (in winter); - dry food (Biomill, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hill's) and cooked food (rice with vegetables and beef); - 24 h medical-veterinarian assistance.
The paddock sizes differ depending on the breed and age. Dogs are accommodated either on a single basis or two by two. The paddocks are cleaned on a daily basis with special internal and external disinfestation solutions. Each paddock includes a wooden cage with moquette, a bed, toys, bowls.
The admission to the pension house is carried out based on a reservation ahead of time and a medical check-up performed by a veterinarian (the health book is mandatory).
Reservations at the telephone: 0762.601.269, 0744.348.950
Schedule: monday - friday, 09-20.
The prices varying with the level of pension house and the dog size.

Thank you for understanding.

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